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Desktop Died - RHunt - 10-16-2017

My desktop died today and I have to get it repaired. Unfortunately my laptop did not have the finished file for CH2, so I will have to take it from the editing forum and reformat it. I believe I will have to do this with about 4 to 5 chapters.

Thank you for patience and I really hope I can get my desktop working again, so many pictures on there I want to keep.

RE: Desktop Died - ilfain - 10-19-2017

oh no!! fingers crossed you can get your files back, it's always heart stopping when it happens.

RE: Desktop Died - RHunt - 10-23-2017

I am pretty sure it was the power supply which failed. My husband thinks he can install a new one for me. We used to have two desktops and this year alone they both died due to the power supply. Thankfully I bought this laptop for myself this year otherwise I would have nothing at all.