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  Sorry, I Was Sick!
Posted by: RHunt - 02-11-2016, 01:29 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

I am sorry that I haven't uploaded anything in the last couple of weeks. I was so very sick from a cold that refused to leave. For two weeks I coughed and sneezed before asking any deity that might listen to please end my suffering.

Then I proceeded to smack my knee against the coffee table this week making it where I can't find a comfortable way to sit or stand. So, week three is pretty great too.

Happy Valentine's Day to those of you that celebrate. I won't be returning until Tuesday since my husband is off work until then. Maybe I'll be able to still an hour writing while he plays video games. It all depends on my knee now.

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  Last Week
Posted by: RHunt - 12-02-2015, 12:37 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Sorry all. Last week was Thanksgiving week and I was busy preparing and then my husband had 5 days off. There can be no writing when he is around.

Chapter 2 of CH2 will be here on Friday.

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  PDF Doc, anybody?
Posted by: RHunt - 11-05-2015, 12:27 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (2)

I was wondering if after I post up all the stories, if anyone would be interested in being able to read my novels in PDF form? Either Download or read on the site, possibly both? Thoughts?

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  Lack of Updates
Posted by: RHunt - 10-02-2015, 12:35 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Sorry that I haven't updated AU. I have been dealing with a loss of a pet, and a couple days ago I hurt my back and it makes it difficult to sit in a computer chair. Hopefully, I will be back on Monday and I will try to put up 2-3 new chapters.

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  Been Ill
Posted by: RHunt - 09-02-2015, 11:40 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Sorry guys, I had a cold a while back and the cough and congestion just won't go away. It makes me groggy and forgetful. I have been trying to write this week, and hopefully will continue building up the website soon.

Remember to make an account and offer encouragement. It is very helpful to writer to hear from their readers.

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  AU Complete!
Posted by: RHunt - 08-19-2015, 05:58 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

I have finished Apisarn University as of Monday, and today I have applied all of the edits from my editors into the novel. So, it will be smooth updating. I am aiming for Friday afternoon updates.

During the time that I am uploading AU, I will be writing Cerulean Harbor 2.

I am still uploading other books. I edited Crimson Moon: Broken Toy while I uploaded it, so that should be a somewhat smoother read.

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  Reading Stories and The Plan
Posted by: RHunt - 07-16-2015, 01:21 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

For anyone looking for my novels, they can be found at: https://www.fictionpress.com/u/433852/ for the time being. Sorry, Fictionpress changed their codes a while back and all of my spacing between scenes went missing. I apologize. If you are looking for the ending of one of my forum stories from Fictionpress, fear not posting is no longer required and I will be posting the end to the ones that are completed.

To everyone else that is wondering what the heck is going on. I messed up my website and I have to start from scratch. I decided to put everything on the forum that is completed and condense the website down so it wasn't confusing anymore. All my finished novels will be uploaded as I can. I want to try to do 10 scenes a day.

If my editors would like to assist me, I can give you a user name and directions if there is a story you would like to upload for me. If not, do not worry, I may work at a snail's pace but I will get it done eventually. It isn't difficult work just time consuming.

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  Tears spill down my cheeks
Posted by: RHunt - 07-15-2015, 06:44 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Well, I tried to update my forum and it went completely wrong. So, I am now without any of the threads or anything from the last few years. So, I have to start this all over again.

I wanted to bring everything onto the forum and simplify it anyway. I had to pay $75 to see if I could reverse what I have done and failed.

To my editors, I only have your edits to Apisarn University in mysql. It will take me some time to get everything back up and running. I am so sorry about this. I did not make a back up for my mysql and this is what happens. Thank you for your understanding.

Please make accounts using the same user name and email address as I can still look that up in mysql, then PM me and I'll give you access to a temporary forum that will have the ending of AU in it. If you are not using the same email address or can not remember which one you used, PM and I will ask you a question about AU to see if you have read it. Thank you.

On the bright side, we have a new and improved forum that I have been meaning to upgrade for some time. If anyone wants to read my stories, please go to https://www.fictionpress.com/~rhunt Some of the novels don't have their endings and I will be getting rid of forum stories that you have to post for in order to read.

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